KPBS has announced the name of its newly renovated building – “The Conrad Prebys Media Complex at Copley Center.”

“”We had the great fortune of talking to Conrad Prebys about our early plans for KPBS’ building before he died. We are thrilled that his foundation is committed to our shared vision of building a home for the next generation of public media consumers, a place where others can experience the same passion Conrad felt for KPBS and its public service,” says Nancy Worlie, interim general manager of KPBS.

KPBS’ operations and staff reached capacity in its physical space located at 5200 Campanile Drive on San Diego State University’s campus. In addition, the current facilities and technology needed to be modernized to keep pace with the growing demand of media-rich, multi-platform programming and content. In response to this need, KPBS began the Building on Trust capital campaign in 2017 to expand the building by approximately 12,000 square feet, renovate some of the existing space, upgrade technical equipment, and invest in future funding for programming and technology. The $85 million capital campaign is the largest campaign in the public media organization’s history.

“We were thrilled when The Conrad Prebys Foundation included an $8 million gift to KPBS as part of its inaugural grant cycle in March 2021. To receive this gift towards our new building, and have Conrad’s legacy continue throughout our walls and history, is incredibly special to us,” says Worlie.

“Public media plays a vital role in helping our country and its communities better understand each other and our collective human story, and San Diego is blessed with a great example of that in KPBS and the work it does to inform and uplift us all. Conrad joyously celebrated the magic that happens in this place, and we are honored to be able to help carry it forward and to continue the legacy of bringing our neighbors near and far closer together through the power of honest narrative and powerful story-telling,” says Grant Oliphant, CEO of The Conrad Prebys Foundation.

KPBS broke ground in November 2020 during the pandemic. The building remodel cost is $50 million and a sustainability fund is another $35 million. The station has been privately raising funds for five years from major donors, including the gift from The Conrad Prebys Foundation and a $5 million gift from Carol Vassiliadis, the largest gift in KPBS’ history from a living individual.

The Building on Trust campaign will move to a public phase in summer 2022. At that time, KPBS members and the general public will be invited to give to the Building on Trust campaign.

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Heather Milne Barger
Director of Communications